The Monash Data Science and AI platform provides a stepping stone for researchers towards applying Data Science, Machine Learning and AI to their data intensive research. In conjunction with the Monash Data Futures Institute, the platform acts as a catalyst for major discoveries and translation into world-changing solutions.

We are a team of data scientists, machine learning specialists and research software engineers with broad domain expertise in data-intensive research technologies. We support excellence across all fields of academic and industry research through collaboration, training, and cutting edge technologies.


The ARDC has published an article about the Data Science and AI platform's ML4AU portal initiative.

The ML4AU portal, launched at the ARDC eResearch and Data Skills Summit in October 2020, is the repository for all project resources—not just training material but scripts, a tool library, a data library and a calendar of ML training events. The portal also makes the resources FAIR. The Machine Learning Community of Practice (CoP), to be launched on 15 April 2021, is an opportunity for anyone interested in ML for research to collaborate over the emerging needs in ML capabilities and expertise.


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