Prof. David Powell appointed as Director, eResearch Centre

Prof. David Powell appointed as Director, eResearch Centre

Feb 2023

Please join us in congratulating Prof. David Powell on his appointment as Director of the eResearch Centre!

David joined the Centre in September last year as interim director, since then he has been working closely with the eResearch Davidteam addressing some of the recommendations from the internal review as well as connecting with the research community and eResearch stakeholders.  


David brings a wealth of experience in leading a digital research platform - Bioinformatics, engaging with Bioplatforms Australia and co-developing the Monash Data Fluency training program at Monash. David also brings industry experience having worked for a diverse range of IT companies in computer networking and software development.

David has held different academic positions in the Faculty of IT, and the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. His experience in building collaborations across disciplines will be of key importance for the future of eResearch.