Immersive Visualisation

Visualisation facilitates the comprehension of research data and can lead to new research discoveries. The Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform supports and accelerates collaborative, visualisation-led discovery in the Big Data era, with applications in academic and commercial research, and translation of research.



  1. Collaborative VR platform.
  2. Scientific, graphics, workflow and UI programming.
  3. Photogrammetry and LiDAR (laser scan) processing.


At Monash, we design, commission and operate centralised, production-level, high-end display facilities for visualisation and collaboration.

Our focus in the displays we create is to provide:

  • lots of pixels - to show today's exquisite resolution data collections.
  • lots of compute - to load, process and draw vast data collections; and
  • lots of options - supporting single-user head-mounted VR through to telecollaboration on tiled walls.


Our team at Monash brings together the three fantastic ingredients essential to our vision of transforming visualisation practice through innovation:

  1. experience in many research domains, including geoscience, astronomy, biomedical imaging, archaeology, education, and more;
  2. skills across the technology spectrum, including in computer graphics, scientific programming, high-performance and parallel computing, 3D and stereoscopic rendering, virtual reality, image rendering and analysis, big data algorithms, and more; and
  3. the drive and passion for interdisciplinary innovation, to enable new research through the application of immersive visualisation techniques.