Our capabilities are borne of our facilities and expertise. Here are a few of our key capabilities with ideas about how they might benefit you.






Collaborative VR platform


Supports desktop, mobile and VR

Suitable for student labs

Remote tele-immersive conferencing

Democratized interaction with data

Use anywhere

Integrate VR in teaching


Scientific, graphics, workflow and UI programming

Scientifically-literate programmers

Creative programmers

Use a team or individuals

Special expertise in imaging algorithms

Have your research ideas implemented in code and applications

Advance your image processing technique and workflow

Continue to access expertise as it stays at Monash

Get coding done without recruiting

Keep research systems experts off Faculty books


Photogrammetry and LiDAR (laser scan) processing

Ultra fast workstations with dedicated graphics hardware

Cloud-based clustering of compute for faster processing

Integrated web, VR and analysis tools

Speed-up your spatial scan processing

Discover new ways of understanding and analysing spatial data

Integrate spatial data with GIS capabilities in Monash