Searching your Notebook

One of the fundamental benefits of using LabArchives is the powerful searching functionality that allows you to easily search through your Notebook to locate important data that you have stored from months or even years ago instantly. This means no more spending valuable time flipping through pages and volumes of paper Notebooks looking for notes and data!

LabArchives enables Users to search not just textual entries, but also the text of many types of file attachments, including text, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDFs. These data are all indexed, so retrieval is extremely rapid. LabArchives also provides more than just "Google-like" search: You can enter Boolean (i.e. "AND", "OR", and "NOT") logic, literal phrases, and much more.

Click on Basic Search for further instructions on how to use this feature.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature on LabArchives allows you to run a more detailed search of a Notebook, utilising various filters to hone in the content you wish to find. This new feature allows you to limit results based on the name of the person(s) who created an entry, type of entry, when it was created, tags, and more. You can limit your search to page titles, folders, and even a selected page, providing numerous ways to retrieve information from your Notebook. Furthermore, the Advanced Search tool even includes a feature that allows you to search across multiple Notebooks at once. 

Please click on Advanced Search and Searching across Multiple Notebooks for instructions on how to use these features.