Data Fluency

Become data fluent!

Find out how to use, explore, interpret and visualise data in a valid and meaningful way, and to effectively communicate your research and ideas.

Data Fluency is a cross-disciplinary initiative by Monash University Library and the Monash Bioinformatics Platform aiming to deliver general training across different disciplines and build researcher capability at the University.  The Monash eResearch Centre in partnership with Data Fluency delivers basic training in various formats. Follow the links below to find out more -

  • Online workshops - keep up-to-date with upcoming workshops on the Events page
  • Data Fluency toolkit - learn about  available tools, select the right one for your research, and find out how to access support
  • Join the Data fluency mailing list - find out about seminars, workshops, drop-in sessions and other opportunities within the Data Fluency community.