Analyser Training

Analyser Usage:

To use analysers, please note:

Users must have completed their registration with the Agilent iLab booking system prior to attending the training session. Further details can be found on the Home page.

If you wish to use the analysers with any potentially infectious or harmful material, or are using primary human tissue, you must submit a risk assessment as well as inform FlowCore staff prior to booking.

FlowCore will reject any material deemed hazardous to staff or other users. Further information regarding flow cytometry biosafety can be found here.

Before training, please do some preparation in understanding flow cytometry.  The following download is a useful beginners guide to flow cytometry:

Flow Cytometry- Basics Guide

Analyser Training

FlowCore analyser training now consists of a series of online tutorials and videos. The training will take approximately 90mins to complete.

The video chapters walk users through:

  • turning on and cleaning the analysers
  • creating an experimental template
  • navigating and setting up the workspace
  • running controls
  • running and gating a fully stained sample
  • data export instructions
  • basic instrument maintenance.

The tutorial videos were created using the Fortessa X20a, however the information is applicable to all FlowCore analysers.

The training will also include a safety induction to the facility, which will allow users 24/7 swipe card access to the analyser lab.

Once the training videos have been viewed, users will complete a quiz which you should print out and bring with you on the day.

Users are not required to book in for training sessions, however at present, the tutorial can only be viewed at the FlowCore office. Please email with the date and time that you wish to attend.

Users will need to bring:

  • notebook and pen
  • headphones
  • Monash / CSIRO staff ID card
  • printed quiz

The training videos are accessible from the analyser workstation desktops for reference during analysis. Additionally, users are welcome to request assistance from FlowCore staff members.

Analysis Software

FlowCore staff are happy to assist users with the analysis of their acquired data using one the supported analysis software packages. Please contact a FlowCore staff member to arrange a time if you require such assistance.