Analysis Software

FlowCore officially supports only the FlowJo flow cytometry data analysis software package.

- FlowJo: Version X for both Windows (32 and 64bit, Vista, Windows7, Windows8) and Mac (OS 10.6 or higher) platforms. Version 9.6.1 for Mac (OS 10.4 or higher).

FlowJo software is available for use on all the dedicated data analysis computers located in the FlowCore office area.

There is no booking system for these computers, so we recommend you call (9902 0271) to check if a computer is free before heading over.

Leasing a FlowJo License

If you wish to perform your data analysis on your own computer, FlowCore administrates a FlowJo site license, subsidized by Monash University (which can be installed on either Windows or Macintosh operating systems). Each lease will only cost you $65 per quarter. (Single licenses for FlowJo typically cost US$900 per year.)

Advantages of leasing a license from FlowCore include:

You only pay for the number of licenses you need.

A license can be transferred from one computer to another at any time.

You will not have to pay to upgrade to new versions of the software.

The convenience of using the sofware on your own computer.

Please note the following conditions:

The sublicense will only work on the computer for which you have registered with FlowCore. If you wish to run FlowJo on multiple computers, you must purchase a separate sublicense for each computer.

The principal investigator of the lab group will be sent a list of terms and conditions for the FlowJo sublicense. Only after these terms are accepted will FlowCore register your computer for the sublicense.

If you wish to transfer your FlowJo sublicense to another computer during your lease, you need to contact Kathryn Flanagan

Usage is billed every three months.

Your computer will be registered with FlowCore until such time as FlowCore are notified by email that you wish to discontinute your sublicense. Please include your name, supervisor's name and relevant hardware address in this email.

Please ensure billing and contact details are kept up do date, as FlowCore reserves the right to cancel any unpaid sublicenses.

To request a FlowJo license, please send an email to Kathryn Flanagan with the following details:

Your full name

Your supervisor's name and email

Cost center + Fund no. or general billing details

The network hardware (MAC) address of the computer FlowJo will be installed on. How do I find my MAC address?

We will then provide you with a serial number and installation instructions.

Tutorials & Help Files

Excellent tutorials are available on the FlowJo website: