AutoMACS pro

The Miltenyi AutoMACS pro is a small, automated benchtop cell separator. It utilizes magnetic separation for positive or negative cell selection.  

Whereas flow cytometers utilize lasers and fluorescent markers to identify, quantify, and separate out multiple populations of cells, the AutoMACS pro uses magnetic columns and paramagnetic-conjugated antibodies to separate samples into both positive and negative populations.

Usage Costs:

$5.00 per separation

Additional costs outlined in 'Conditions of Use' below.

FlowCore Conditions of Use:

The life of AutoMACS columns can change dramatically depending on cell type and the number of separations.  Columns can be blocked very quickly after a small number of separations. 

If the column blocks during the separation process, or during the post separation cleaning cycle (which must be run when separations are finished), users are liable to replace it and bear the associated cost.

User Requirements:

Samples must be prepared in single cell suspension, and fitered prior to magnetic separation. Unfiltered samples and samples allowed to settle may block or shorten column lifespan.

Users must bring their own Running buffer. Running buffer may be purchased through Miltenyi Biotec, or made up by users.

Users must provide their own 70% ethanol for instrument 'sleep' setting. 

Users must provide their own replacement columns*.

FlowCore will cover columns needing replacement due to exceeding their lifespan, and will provide the Wash Buffer.

* As of 1st February 2016, we will offer the option for users to supply their own replacement columns in the event of blockage. Alternatively; you may purchase a replacement column from FlowCore for $150.

Heavy AutoMACS users more likely to block the column will find purchasing their own columns significantly more cost effective, in the event of frequent column turnover (~$35 per column cheaper).

For technical assistance: Jonathan Lloyd

0432 472 454

For training requests:  Paula Stoddart

For experimental design assistance: Ben Finnin