Helix Steering Committee


Prof Ross Coppel

Prof Ross Coppel is the Deputy Dean and Director of Research in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. His responsibilities include overseeing and maximising the quality and effectiveness of research in his faculty, ensuring that technological platforms are up-to-date and affordable, and supervising the faculty's commercial and business development.

Mr Simon BarrettSimon is the Deputy Director, Monash Research Office at Monash University. Simon manages the legal compliance issues associated with research activities involving human or animal participants or the use of recombinant DNA technology and biological material subject to quarantine.

Prof Paul Bonnington

Prof Paul Bonnington is the Director of the Monash eResearch Centre, Monash University, Australia, and a Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences. The multi-disciplinary Monash eResearch Centre has rapidly grown over the past 13 years to now include over 40 eResearch and IT professionals providing expertise, computing, visualisation and data capabilities into numerous research areas. Since 2010 the centre has been selected to host over $16M of Australia's federally funded national eResearch Infrastructure components for specialised high-performance computing, research cloud services and data storage and data management.

Prof Peter Cameron

Prof Peter Cameron is the Academic Director of The Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre and Professor of Emergency and Divisional Head of Health Services Research at Monash University's School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (SPHPM).

Prof Dianne Cook

Prof Dianne Cook is the Professor of Business Analytics, in the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics at Monash University. Her research is in data science, data visualisation, exploratory data analysis, data mining, high-dimensional methods and statistical computing. Much of her work has been on developing interactive statistical graphics for high-dimensional data. She has also experimented with visualising data in virtual environments. Her current work focuses on bridging the gap between statistical inference and exploratory graphics.

Prof Ian Davis

Prof Ian Davis is a medical oncologist and is Professor of Medicine and Head of the Eastern Health Clinical School, Monash University and Eastern Health. He is an NHMRC Practitioner Fellow. His primary clinical interests are in urologic cancer and in melanoma, and his primary research interests are in cancer immunology and the biology of urologic cancers. Prof Davis established and chairs the COSA Urologic Oncology Group and the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate Cancer Trials Group Ltd (ANZUP).

Prof Andrew Forbes

Prof Andrew Forbes received his PhD in Statistics from Cornell University, USA in 1990, with his thesis involving methodological issues in matched case- control studies. Following this, he worked at Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals, USA until January December 1991 as a postdoctoral fellow, gaining experience in methodology, design and analyses of clinical trials, and consultation with clinicians.

He joined Monash University in January 1992, and heads the Biostatistics Unit, which consists of 10 staff. He has research interests in development of analytical methods for interrupted time series designs, the application of causal modelling principles to practical problems, and latent variable methods. He has active roles in biostatistics coursework development and teaching for postgraduate students in biostatistics, in health / clinical research, and undergraduate students in medicine and biomedical science. He is a chief investigator on numerous research projects in the Department and with external investigators, and is active in statistical consulting within the Faculty of Medicine, its affiliated institutes, and for external bodies.

Mr David Groenewegen

Mr David Groenewegen is Director, Research at Monash University Library. He is responsible for Library client services to the science, technology, engineering and medicine disciplines at Monash University, as well as the contribution the Library makes to the University's research activity.

Prof Stephen Jane

Prof Stephen Jane is the Dean of the Sub Faculty of Translational Medicine and Public Health, Head of Central Clinical School, Professor of Medicine, Monash University and Director of Research for Alfred Hospital.

At Alfred Health, Prof Jane is responsible to the Chief Executive for the strategic direction and governance of research at Alfred Health.

As an experienced haematologist, Prof Jane has a strong interest in translational research and, through his role as the Director of Research, was a key player in Alfred Health's efforts in establishing an Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC).

The goal of the AHSC is to help foster the links that bring the basic science of Monash into the clinical research sphere of The Alfred, in order to benefit patients as quickly as possible.

Ms Stephanie LombardiStephanie is the Director, Data Protection and Privacy, Office of the General Counsel at Monash University.

Prof Eric Morand

Prof Eric Morand is Head of the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, Monash University's largest clinical school. Prof Morand’s interest is to advance Monash as a leading academic medical centre, and as the home of translational research for Monash University.

Prof Velandai SrikanthProf Srikanth is an NHMRC Practitioner Fellow who leads a program of research spanning several aspects of ageing health. His interests range from the study of the epidemiology, risk factors and mechanisms underlying dementia. He has also led the field in the study of the impact of ageing on impaired mobility and the risk of falls, and in the link between brain ageing, mobility and cognition. He actively collaborates in large scale initiatives in the genetics of brain ageing and risk stratification for the secondary prevention of stroke. He is heavily invested in the development of digital and large data solutions towards effective implementation of models of health care for older people.

Prof Helena Teede

Prof Helena Teede was appointed as the Executive Director of Monash Partners in Sep 2015. Monash Partners is an initiative of eight independent, world class providers of health services, health research and health education in the south and east of Melbourne.

Prof Teede is also the Director of the Monash Centre of Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI), Monash Public Health. She Chairs the National Alliance of AHRTCs and the National Australian Health Research Alliance Data committee.

Mr Steven White

Steven White is the Program Director - Enterprise Technology in the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Senior Vice-President (Enterprise and Governance).

Dr Ross Wilkinson

Dr Ross Wilkinson was the Executive Director of the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), a program funded by the Australian Government to develop research data infrastructure and enable more effective use of Australia's research data assets. He was the Co-chair and a Council Member of the Research Data Alliance, an international initiative aiming to build the social and technical bridges that enable better sharing of data.

Prof Sophia Zoungas

Prof Sophia Zoungas is the Head of Monash University’s School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (SPHPM) at the Alfred Hospital. Professor Sophia Zoungas is an academic endocrinologist with a national and international reputation as a clinical researcher in the fields of diabetes and vascular risk. In this capacity she directs and supports projects on diabetes, cardiovascular health, kidney health and health care delivery, as well as advise on clinical epidemiological methods and trial design/conduct/reporting.