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Based at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Parkville, the HMSTrust Laboratory is an open access analytical laboratory which offers sophisticated physical and chemical characterisation techniques to complement research and overcome challenges faced in modern drug development. Clients can either use our instrumentation or alternatively engage us to perform bespoke analytical services.

This laboratory is a not-for-profit facility and our fees have been set to create an affordable pathway for the development of new pharmaceutical, vaccine and diagnostic products, and at the same time provide    exceptional training to the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists.

The foundation of the HMSTrust Laboratory was made possible through a generous grant of $1.2 million provided by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, along with funds provided by Monash University and in-kind support from our equipment suppliers Shimadzu and Perkin Elmer.

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Working with us


Researchers have access to a comprehensive suite of physical and chemical characterisation techniques including GC and LC/MS/MS, XRD, DSC, TGA, MALDI, FTIR and Raman to complement research and overcome the challenges faced in modern drug development. Training is provided and our fees have been set to create a flexible and affordable pathway for Victorian researchers. Contact us​ or request access via our booking system iLab.

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Using our extensive array of instrumentation and expertise, the HMSTrust Laboratory is able to provide tailored analytical solutions for industry and research institutions. If you require help troubleshooting your new pharmaceutical, vaccine or diagnostic product, or you require assistance developing and validating a method, please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

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Key instrumentation

All instruments are maintained under a Quality Management System with regular verification of performance.

Chromatography and mass spectrometry

Our triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS instruments are the most sensitive in the Shimadzu range. The 8030 and 8050 mass spectrometers are linked to UHPLC systems for optimum chromatography and reduced run times. Our HPLC systems offer a variety of detection options including, radiometric, UV-visible, photodiode array, fluorescence and refractive index.


Characterisation of macromolecules such as proteins and polymers can be performed on the Shimadzu 7090 MALDI TOF-TOF. The MALDI is also capable of imaging without the need for drug labelling, providing opportunities for assessing drug disposition, metabolism and targeting directly in organs and tissues.

Microscopy, spectroscopy, thermal, XRD and moisture analysis

PerkinElmer DSC and TGA instruments are available for the thermal analysis of materials. These instruments are complemented by a Raman probe and microscope. The TGA can be coupled with an FTIR spectrometer for greater molecular insight and the FTIR is also coupled with an FTIR microscope to produce infra-red images of heterogenous surfaces. A Shimadzu XRD-7000L X-ray powder diffractometer is available for crystallographic characterisation and assessment. A polycapillary parallel X-ray optics system allows examination of complex systems with irregular geometry, including intact pharmaceutical tablets, with markedly improved signal-to-noise ratios.

Our Metrohm Karl Fischer moisture analyser is capable of volumetric and coulometric titration to determine any water content from 0.001 to 100 per cent.

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Contact our team

  • Associate Professor Michelle McIntosh - Director

    Michelle has over 15 years experience as a pharmaceutical scientist specialising in drug delivery system innovations; analytical chromatography techniques; pharmaceutical product commercialisation; characterisation and development of prodrug technologies; cyclodextrin-enabled formulations for poorly water soluble compounds; subcutaneous delivery of monoclonal antibodies and development of dry powder inhaled delivery systems.

  • Dr Philip Wright - Laboratory Manager

    Phil has 20 years analytical chemistry experience gathered in the biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors. He is expert in chromatography and mass spectroscopy systems and has developed and validated numerous HPLC and HPLC-MS methods during his career. Phil has previous experience in establishing and managing GLP analytical facilities and has also managed projects focusing on scale-up and GMP manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

  • Dr Julia Morizzi - Senior Research Officer

    Julia has been employed at MIPS for a number of years and has over 10 years’ experience in the early drug discovery area. Her major focus had been LCMS analyses of small drug candidates to determine their pharmacokinetic and metabolic properties. She has also been involved in establishing quality management systems for ISO certification.

  • Dr Richard Prankerd - Solid State Specialist

    Richard trained in pharmacy before commencing post-graduate research in 1974. Experienced in physicochemical, bioanalytical, spectroscopic, thermodynamic and pharmaceutical formulations research, he worked in New Zealand and the USA before coming to Australia in 1992. In December 2000, he was recruited to Monash University to continue teaching and research in these areas. At present, his work mainly involves collaboration with Assoc Prof Michelle McIntosh (respirable oxytocin for post-partum haemorrhage) and Dr. Russell Tait (PolyActiva P/L; novel polymer matrix drug delivery). His most significant achievement to date is a large critical compilation of drug pKa data that has received international recognition.

  • Nicole McMillan - Business Operations Coordinator

    Nicole has worked in both the private and University sectors providing administrative and project support for 20 years. Prior to joining HMSTrust Laboratory at Monash University in November 2014, she spent 10 years at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne in a number of roles including Centre Manager, for the Centre for Health and Society, and as a Project Officer for the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Tobacco Control. 

  • Dr Claire McEvoy - Research Officer

    Claire joined Monash University in 2006. Her PhD in Biopharmaceutics evaluated the solubilisation properties and pharmacokinetics of poorly water soluble drugs after oral administration in lipidbased drug delivery systems. Claire has previously worked on stability and bioanalysis of oxytocinand has since focused on LCMS bioanalysis of small molecule compounds.

  • Joseph Pelle

    Joseph has worked in an analytical teaching laboratory and as a senior instrumental technical officer in the university sector for 17 years. Joseph has a background in analytical chemistry and is experienced in using a range of analytical instruments for food and chemical analysis. Joseph provides training to higher degree research students on Shimadzu GC, GCMS, HPLC, LCMS, UV-VIS, FTIR, Fluorescence, AAS and ICP instruments. He has a strong background in method development and trouble-shooting and is highly experienced in repairing and performing maintenance checks on scientific instruments.

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HMSTrust Laboratory

Monash Institute of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University
Ph: 03 99039558