Affinity Maturation

Affinity maturation is the process to improve antibody affinity for an antigen. In vivo, natural affinity maturation by the immune system takes place by somatic hypermutation and clonal selection in the germinal centre. We developed a technology that mimics this process in vitro.

  • Sequencing of the VH and VL genes
  • Humanization (if human antibody is required)
  • Synthesis and cloning of the VH and VL genes in our mammalian display system
  • Induction of Activated Induced Deaminase (AID) that mutate V-genes
  • ~10 rounds of selection by cell sorting, (FACS)
  • Isolation of RNA and reverse transcription of the affinity matured population
  • Identification of mutation by sanger sequencing
  • Synthesis, cloning and small-scale production of variants and original parent control in our mammalian expression system
  • Characterization of the variants by ELISA or SPR
  • Detailed report
  • ~6-7 months from reception of the VH and VL sequences