Bi-specific Antibody

Bispecific antibodies have become increasingly of interest for therapeutic applications. While natural antibodies are monospecific, bispecific antibodies can recognize two different epitopes either on the same or on different antigens. The approach we use at MATF is the fusion of a scFv at the C-terminus of the antibody, thus generating a molecule that binds one antigen at the N-terminus of the molecule and a second antigen at the C-terminus.

  • Sequencing of the VH and VL genes from antibody 1 and 2 (if necessary)
  • Humanization of antibody 1 and 2 (if human antibody is required)
  • Synthesis and cloning of the 2 bispecific antibodies (option 1: mAb 1 is use as IgG moity and mAb 2 as scFv; option 2: mAb 2 is use as IgG moity and mAb 1 as scFv) in our mammalian display system
  • Characterization of the variants by Flow cytometry; ELISA or SPR
  • Detailed report

~10 weeks from reception of the VH and VL sequences