About Us

Founded in 2008, the Monash Antibody Technologies Facility (MATF) has become one of the most sophisticated, high-throughput monoclonal antibody (mAb) facilities in the world. The start-up of MATF was funded by a collaboration between Monash University, the Victorian State Government (The Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development) and the Australian Federal Government (Bioplatforms Australia). MATF is a fee-for-service facility supporting researchers from Monash University, academics from Australian and overseas Universities as well as researchers from a large variety of local and global commercially focused businesses. In June 2015 MATF's quality management system was ISO9001 certified, demonstrating the importance MATF puts on delivering a quality product and service to all customers.

The team of highly skilled scientists employ well-established standard operating procedures, along with the latest robotic techniques, to deliver successful mAb projects to customers in a typical time frame of 16-20 weeks. MATF has a wealth of experience in other areas such as robotics, high throughput screening, antibody purification and characterization and are keen to help customers with antibody or laboratory automation challenges.

MATF specialises in developing custom monoclonal antibodies

The core business for MATF is the quality production of custom IgG specific monoclonal antibodies against a variety of antigen types (peptides, proteins, whole cells, etc) with the final deliverable being both the antibody producing cell lines and supernatant for the best clones. In addition, MATF has many more value-adding services to offer including: