H/P Cosmos treadmill

BrainPark's HP Cosmos Quasar Med 3p treadmill with Zebris FDM platform 2i running deck allows for gait/force conduction recording and analysis.

Benefits of H/P Cosmos treadmill

With the ability to program and preset any protocol, the system enables complete control and accuracy of all physical and physiological assessments.

With a range of speed and incline, gait/force conduction recording and safety harness system, the treadmill can be used for projects with elite athletes through to projects needing a system capable of functioning for clinical populations.


  • Built-in safety harness to allow for a broad range of exercise physiology assessments and testing to be completed safely on elite athletes through to clinical populations
  • Zebris FDM force conduction platform for gait/force analysis
  • Can operate at 25 degrees of incline and up 40km/h
  • Option to reverse belt rotation for downhill running

Research applications

  • Exercise physiology assessments and testing, including gold-standard cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET).

Additional support

BrainPark's Exercise Physiologists can provide valuable guidance and training to help you complete your protocol and procedures.