Inveon PET-SPECT-CT Small Animal Scanner

The Inveon Multimodality System is a versatile platform for laboratory animal CT, SPECT, and PET studies on a single integrated gantry. The system can be configured for PET-CT, SPECT-CT, PET-SPECT-CT or CT only. The large area CT system has a field of view up to 10 cm x 10 cm and resolution down to 20 microns. The PET system can deliver 1.4mm FWHM spatial resolution, and a maximum field of view of 10cm x 30cm. Whole mouse and rat SPECT studies are possible using gamma rays ranging in energy from 30 to 300 keV, with automated zoom for optimising the field of view.

Also provided is fused 3D imaging of multiple static or dynamic volumes of each imaging modality combinations, with the ability to perform complex volumetric segmentation for quantification. The system supports preclinical studies with a portable isofluorane anaesthesia system for rodents, animal warming pallets, and integrated monitoring of temperature, ECG and respiration. Image acquisition can be controlled from physiological inputs and an integrated video system enhances animal positioning and monitoring.