MBI Seminars

2018 Seminar Series

Enter the MBI Auditorium through the visitor's entrance.
Enter the MBI Auditorium through the visitor's entrance.

12:30pm - 1:30pm (a light lunch will be provided)


Monash Biomedical Imaging Auditorium
770 Blackburn Road
Clayton VIC 3800


T: +61 (3) 9905 0100
E: enquiries.mbi@monash.edu

12 April  A/Prof Michael Farrell Understanding the neural bases of interoceptive sensations
10 May   Dr Zhaolin Chen From simultaneous to synergistic MR-PET (and back again)

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7 June Dr Sharna Jamadar Towards multimodal imaging of cognitive reserve: Development of simultaneous MR-PET for the study of cognitive reserve in healthy ageing

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12 July Dr Ian Harding Imaging neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases
9 Aug  Dr Adeel Razi Computational neuroscience approaches for understanding the spread of neurodegenerative disease
13 Sept Dr Phil Ward Network based approaches for understanding neurovascular and metabolic mechanisms in neurodegeneration
11 Oct  Dr Kamlesh Pawar Deep learning approaches for MRI research: How it works
8 Nov  Dr Rosita Shishegar
Dr Shenpeng Li
Imaging neurodegeneration in Friedreich's ataxia
What can we learn from simultaneous functional PET and MR: joint modelling approaches
13 Dec Prof Gary Egan 2018: the year in retrospect and looking ahead to 2019