Neural Adaptions of the Postpartum Year (NAPPY) StudyWinnie Orchard and Dr Sharna Jamadar

This study is investigating how women’s brains adapt to the demands of motherhood in the first postpartum year.

We are seeking first-time mothers (aged 18-45 and 10-14 months postpartum) and women who have never been pregnant (aged 30-45) for an MRI brain imaging study at Monash Biomedical Imaging. MRI is safe for breast-feeding women.

This study takes place at Monash Biomedical Imaging, 770 Blackburn Road, Clayton. Participation involves a 20 minute MRI brain scan, and 1.5 hours of questionnaires and cognitive tasks for a total of two hours.

All participants receive a $50 Coles-Myer gift card to compensate for time spent assisting the project and contributing to our understanding of the maternal brain.

This study compares the brain scans of first-time mothers and women who have never been pregnant, to see if there are differences in the structure or function of the brain, and whether these differences are related to other maternal factors, such as mood (e.g. depression and anxiety), cognition (e.g. memory and attention), maternal sensitivity (e.g. attachment), and other factors (e.g. sleep)

For more information contact Winnie Orchard: or phone +61 3 9902 9781.

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