Parenthood Study

The impact of parenthood on cognition

The transition into parenthood is associated with a myriad of physical, social, emotional, and perhaps even cognitive changes. Despite the abundance of subjective evidence, research investigating how parenthood can influence cognition and potential driving factors is limited. This study aims to gain further insight into whether these perceived deficits are real and whether these cognitive changes can be attributed to biological or environmental factors.

Participants are required to complete a one-hour online survey consisting of a few questionnaires and cognitive tasks. Upon completion, participants will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 20 $50 Coles/Myers gift cards.

The team is currently recruiting fathers, mothers and non-parents (biological and non-biological)

Eligibility criteria:

  • 18 +
  • Are a non-parent and have not been pregnant
  • Parent with a child between 0-24 months
  • Are not currently pregnant

If you are interested, register here or email