Covid-19 update

Using MCEM during COVID-19 Restrictions

During Stage 4 restrictions, MCEM is only permitted to support “Critical Research”, as defined by the Vice-Chancellor and approved by the Provost (or Provost delegate in your Faculty). In practice this means that you need either a Permitted Worker Permit for the Permitted Role for on-site work of research, or a letter from your head of department or school.

If you are conducting approved “Critical Research”, please submit the short iLab form "MCEM Access during Stage 4 Restrictions Form" under the "New User and Service Requests" tab on MCEM’s iLab site.

Categories defined as “Critical Research” are:

  • All COVID-19-related research.
  • Hazard monitoring and resilience.
  • Biosecurity and public health.
  • Research where Australia has a competitive advantage.
  • All research that is to continue must be approved by the Provost.

Accessing the MCEM Building during COVID-19 Restrictions

Existing trained microscope users who wish to enter the MCEM building during COVID-19 restrictions must complete a short Moodle OHS course “COVID19 User Induction”. You will be enrolled in this course after your New Project Request has been processed.


Unfortunately, due to OHS restrictions, all training of new users and training of existing users on new equipment continues to be postponed until further notice. This includes accredited courses CEM6881 and CEM6882. We will let you know as soon as training recommences.

We appreciate your efforts and patience during this transition. If you have any questions or issues with registration or using the system please do not hesitate to contact MCEM or contact the Monash Institution Administrator.