Stage 4 restrictions (11:59 pm Fri 12th Feb - 11:59pm Wed 17th Feb)

Dear MCEM Users,

As many of you will be aware, Stage 4 restrictions have been announced for Victoria, starting from 11:59 pm tonight (Friday 12th February), ending on 11:59pm Wednesday 17th February.

Critical information for MCEM Users for the period of this lockdown is as follows:

·       Access to MCEM is limited to existing users undertaking Essential Research as defined in the University Covid-19 Updates Fact Sheet 12/2/21 and copied below.

·       All training will be rescheduled to occur after the lockdown.

·       MCEM staff will be working from home, except where necessary to support essential activities. As always, staff are available during business hours via email and phone.

·       All existing bookings in iLab will be cancelled (otherwise iLab automatically charges you). If your research meets the Essential Research criteria, please contact the relevant instrument manager to make a business hours booking if necessary during the lockdown period.

We will provide a further update as we hear more from the State Government and from Monash University. As always, please contact us if you have any queries via

We very much hope we will be welcoming everyone back next Thursday.

Definition of Essential Research - University Covid-19 Updates Fact Sheet 12/2/21

“Essential Research” is defined by one of the following four principles:

· Principle 1: the storage and management of existing samples and data research, infrastructure that are temperature and environmentally sensitive;

· Principle 2: management and care of critical living resources, and the equipment and materials they depend upon;

· Principle 3: research addressing the impact of COVID-19 and research in support of the hospital and broader health system;

· Principle 4: long-term experiments or studies that otherwise would be prohibitive to restart.

o   Examples of research that aligns with these principles are: research to support clinical trials in serious diseases such as cancer, leukemia and lymphoma; drug discovery and development activities such as the development of inhaled oxytocin; university platforms to facilitate these activities such as MARP, the Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation (CDCO) and the Monash Genome Modification Platform; collaborative research programs that support partners (and jobs) in health-related industries.

o   Additionally, any COVID-19 related research and provision of parts or supplies for equipment needed to treat patients with COVID-19; or help them to recover – like the printing of parts for ventilator machines.