Working with us

Collaborative research

We collaborate with academic investigators from Australian and international institutes on drug discovery programs aimed to improve public health and tackle emerging diseases. Assay development and preliminary screens are are provided to substantiate grant applications and we can help with grant writing. Please contact us to explore the potential of your drug target using the Monash Fragment Platform.

Fee for service

We provide fully assisted fragment based drug design technologies from screening to lead development at competitive rates. Services include NMR, crystallography, SPR and medicinal chemistry. Our SPR facility can also be accessed for antibody-antigen and protein-protein interactions.


The Monash Fragment Platform has experts able to help you with your research needs. We can advise on feasibility studies, assay development, screening modalities and avenues for hit optimisation. Contact us to schedule a one-on-one discussion – consults are available to all Monash students and staff and other public and private research organisations.


​The Monash Fragment Platform team provides expertise in structural biology to support rational drug design​; biophysical characterisation to quantify the affinity and kinetics of binding interactions; medicinal chemistry and chemoinformatics for the design and synthesis of elaborated fragment hits.​