Covaris DNA/RNA Shearing

We use the Covaris S2 instrument for shearing biological material.

It is similar to a probe sonicator, except that the S2 is a closed-vessel, probe-free system meaning that there is no contact between the instrument and your samples. This eliminates the chances of contamination. The S2 allows the highly controlled delivery of acoustic energy to your sample, providing highly consistent results. Sample temperatures are controlled throughout the process. A variety of sample types can be processed: tissue, cells (prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells excluding those that require PC2 or higher containment), DNA, RNA and protein. The instrument is also ideal for the production of emulsions, liposomes and dissolution of difficult substances.

To use the Focussed Acoustic Shearing service there are two options.

  1. Trained users can login to their iLab account, make a date/time booking and select the desired tube option.
  2. If you are not trained, and would like Micromon staff to provide the service or training, please contact our Next-generation sequencing facility.

Please also contact us before making a booking if you require protocol development for shearing your samples. You can use/submit your own protocol or we can recommend a protocol for you.


The following prices apply to trained customers.
Note that a price quote is provided in iLab when you complete details for a booking, and prior to submitting the request to Micromon.

Size RangeSupplied tubePrice per
150 b - 1.5 kb1x Covaris Glass Microtube w/AFA fibre and snap-cap$10
2kb1x Covaris MiniTube (Clear)$17
3 kb1x Covaris MiniTube (Blue)$17
5 kb1x Covaris MiniTube (Red)$17
Instrument usageYour selection in iLab$15 per hour

Covaris Resources

Protocols supported by Covaris for use with the S2 instrument

Applications utilising Covaris Focussed Acoustic Shearing

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