Flow Cytometry

Co-located with Micromon at the Monash University Clayton Campus is FlowCore - a purpose built flow cytometry core facility providing world-class services to the scientific community. The large dedicated laboratory currently houses four high-speed sorters, five analysers, and an autoMACS. FlowCore has the capacity to expand to six sorters and six analysers, making them one of the top flow cytometry facilities in Australia. The equipment includes cutting-edge features such as 561 nm yellow/green lasers as standard on all our instruments, and 355 nm UV laser technology, including Australia's first five-laser cell sorter and seven-laser analyser, allowing for unrivalled flexibility for all your projects.

Using our state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise from our highly trained staff, Micromon, FlowCore and the Monash Bioinformatics Platform can facilitate your single-cell design, budgeting, and grant-writing assistance, through to cell sorting and collection, capture, lysis, transcript labelling and recovery, cDNA conversion and QC, sequencing library preparation and QC, sequencing, data analysis.

For further information on the FlowCore facility, please visit the Flowcore website.