Next-Generation Sequencing

About our Next-generation sequencing service

Micromon's Next-Generation Sequencing service is based around a range of core sequencing instruments from MGI and Illumina. Supporting these instruments is a range of accessory instrumentation for sample and sequencing library analysis, QC, and liquid-handling automation. We offer the full range of applications currently offered by MGI and Illumina, in addition to custom and bespoke methods and protocols. We are happy to work with you to implement a protocol of your choice, or to develop new protocols that suit your research requirements.

We have a long history of providing NGS services to the scientific community, being both the longest running Australian Illumina and MGI service provider. We pride ourselves on our depth of experience with a diverse range of different sample types and applications, and we would be pleased to help you with your project.

If you are new to next-generation sequencing, we can arrange a time to scope, plan and budget your project. We can even assist you with grant writing if you are looking to obtain funding including NGS or other DNA/RNA related services. Simply describe your project's biological questions, and we can frame these within a fully-budgeted NGS experimental design, including bioinformatics support in conjunction with our sister facility, the Monash Bioinformatics Platform.

If you are an experienced NGS user, then we are happy to simply take and implement your instructions. You are welcome to submit samples at any stage of completion, from DNA or RNA samples through to fully-completed sequencer-read libraries.

Please select an application from the menu at the left, or contact us now to discuss your project by phone, email or in person.


Because of the complexity and range of options for Next-Generation sequencing projects, we generally provide pricing on a per-project basis or after a project planning consultation.

Please contact us for a quotation or to organise a consultation.