Custom Amplicon Sequencing

Our Custom Amplicon Service allows sequencing of hundreds of small genomic regions across a large number of samples. This highly-targeted approach enables a wide range of applications for discovering, validating and screening genetic variants in a rapid and efficient manner. You can choose up to 384 individual amplicons per sample covering up to 96 kb of cumulative sequence, and we can sequence up to 96 samples at a time.

How to use our Custom Amplicon Sequencing service

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Once your project is planned, you can request access to the Illumina Design Studio. This is a user-friendly, web-based tool that allows you to quickly and easily specify the amplicons for sequencing. Otherwise, you can let us carry out the design for you. Then, simply fill in our Sample Submission Form and return it with your sample.

What to submit:

  • completed sample submission form
  • 2ug of DNA (for eukaryotic organisms)
  • 5ng of DNA (for prokaryotic organisms, viruses, plasmids, etc)
  • an image of an agarose gel showing your RNA, or a Bioanalyzer trace.

Forms and Resources

Delivery and contact details

Sample submission form

Sample Submission Guidelines

Video demonstration of Illumina's Design Studio

Illumina Custom Amplicon Data Sheet