Protein-DNA Interactions (ChIP-Seq)

ChIP-seq is used to precisely identify the target sites of a wide variety of DNA binding proteins such as polymerases, transcription factors, parts of the transcriptional machinery and more. Protein-DNA complexes are chemically cross-linked and specifically precipitated from the sample. This is achieved using an antibody specific for the DNA binding protein of interest (this step is not carried out by our facility). The DNA is sheared and any material that is not bound to the antibodies is removed. After reversing the cross-links, the DNA recovered from this process is used to prepare a sequencing library. Sequencing reads are aligned to the genome reference and the data is graphed with read-count on the Y-axis and chromosomal location on the X-axis. Peaks in the graph reveal the location of the protein binding sites.

How to use our ChiP-seq service

You will need to carry out the precipitation and DNA extraction using an antibody that is specific to your protein of interest. We can advise you of fast and reliable antibody production facilities if required. Then, simply download the Sample Submission Form, fill it in, and send it back to us with your sample. We will confirm the quality of your sample using the Agilent Bioanalyzer and then commence preparation of an Illumina-compatible sequencing library. We'll email you when we receive your sample, when your library has been prepared, and when your sequencing is finished.

What to submit:

  • completed sample submission form
  • 20ng of immunoprecipitated DNA
  • a Bioanalyzer trace of your sample, if available

Forms and Resources

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Sample submission form

Sample Submission Guildelines

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