Access Your Data Files

Due to the size and complexity of the .AB1 file type, our policy is that trace files will not be sent by e-mail unless the local network or our FTP server is not operating. Data files are retained on the network or FTP server for a period of two weeks however all data is backed up to a permanent archive for long-term storage and old files can be accessed on request.

Monash University Clayton Campus Customers

Data files are placed on the local Monash network. Please access your data, using a PC or Mac, from the “Micromon-Sequencing” directory on the Network S Drive.

NEW USERS - please contact us by e-mail or telephone to request access registration.

All Other Customers

Data files are placed on the Micromon Genomics FTP Server for you to access and download by File Transfer Protocol (FTP). You will need to contact us by telephone or e-mail to obtain your site login username and password. To download files from the FTP Server you have the option of two methods:

Web Interface (Web Browser). We recommend this convenient method of access if you are unable or prefer not to use FTP client software (Filezilla). To access our FTP Server using a browser, please use the login button below or follow the procedure detailed in the ACCESS user guide.

FTP Client Program. Information on how to access our server via FTP and the recommended FTP Client software (Filezilla) is contained in our ACCESS user guide.