Trace File Viewing Software

Software for Viewing, Editing and Printing Trace Files

It is critical that you view the trace file for the full length of the read and manually check the basecalls against the provided sequence file. This will allow you to manually trim the sequence file at both ends and correct any ambiguous basecalls. The Applied Biosystems Kb basecaller will make an error where it determines that the base spacing is irregular or the resolution of the peaks is too poor to call with acceptable confidence (nearer the end of the run). Our policy is to have the analysis software call bases at every position and then allow the customer to manually check, edit and trim the read. If you would like us to re-configure the software to call Ns where appropriate, please request this on your order form together with the Quality Value (QV) which you would like us to use for the basecall threshold.

There is a range of freeware (trace file viewing programs) available that will perform some, or all of the basic functions of viewing, editing and printing the trace files. Additionally, there are some free and inexpensive programs that also offer the extra capability of performing multiple sequence alignments, clipping, blast searches and sequence assembly.

Trace File Viewing and Editing Software Guide