2. Cycle Sequencing Reaction and Separation Service

The customised service (reactions and separation) is for clients who would like Micromon Genomics to perform the entire cycle sequencing process. The purified DNA template and primer in separate sealed tubes, or as premixed, are sent to us together with a printed copy of the iLab order form (for sample identification and tracking).

The turnaround time for this service can vary but is generally between 24-48 hours from sample receipt at our facility. The complete cycle sequencing service, process flow, is outlined below.

You will need to supply any custom primers required but we do have a limited selection of stock primers in-house for use in your reactions if desired. These are:

  • M13/pUC Forward (-21)
  • M13/pUC Reverse
  • T7 Promoter
  • T7 Terminator
  • SP6
  • T3
  • CMV Forward
  • BGH Reverse

For further details, see the guide Our template DNA and primer requirements for the full custom service in tube format