Sample Submission Requirements

Online submission

The request must be made in iLab. Please see the "How to place an order" page.

When entering your filenames in the iLab grid, please limit the number of characters to 15 and include a common identifier e.g. your initials, as a prefix for all filenames. The following characters are not recognised by the software so please avoid using    \ / | : * ? < > 'space'

Samples - Tube Format

Your template and primer can be sent to us in two ways - as separate template and primer solutions, or premixed in a single tube. If premixed, the relevant checkbox in our online request form needs to be checked. If sending as separate template and primer solutions, please see our sample submission requirements for details. Send templates and primers in clearly-labelled, 1.5 ml microfuge tubes.
If sending from offsite, please ensure that all tubes are sealed with Parafilm to prevent sample evaporation or accidental loss.
For tracking purposes, you must include a printed copy of the iLab request form that displays your unique request number.

Samples can be delivered in person, by courier or by post. If you are using Australia Post, please ensure that you do not use DL sized envelopes because these are passed through automatic sorting rollers which are likely to crush your tubes.  A4 envelopes or padded/tough bags are fine.

Samples - Plate Format

See the special plate preparation and submission instructions.