About Us

Micromon Genomics is a professional technology services core facility located in the Biomedical Sciences precinct at the Clayton Campus of Monash University. It was established in the mid 1980s as the Microbial Biotechnology and Diagnostic Unit to utilise the Microbiology Department's academic and technical expertise in a commercial venture to provide high quality molecular and microbial services to research and diagnostics.

Our facility has developed immensely and now specialises in high quality DNA and RNA technologies where the long-read Sanger Sequencing and Next-Generation Sequencing platforms provide the key services and our staff are recognised for their expertise in project management and guidance, particularly in the field of whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics. We aim to provide the experience that enables better research outcomes so that you, the customer, can focus on the solution and not the problems.

Other genomic services include:

  • Sanger DNA sequencing (Applied Biosystems 3730S)
  • All next-generation sequencing applications, for example: transcriptomes/RNA-seq, whole-genomes, small/microRNA, ChIP-seq, microbiome profiling with amplicons or whole-genomes, exomes, amplicon sequencing, diagnostic and custom panels, etc. (Illumina MiSeq, Illumina NextSeq, MGITech DNBSEQ-400)
  • Single-cell analysis (10X Genomics Chromium system)
  • DNA and RNA Sizing and QC (Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100, Agilent Fragment Analyzer)
  • DNA and RNA Quantitation (Invitrogen Qubit Fluorimeter and DeNovix DS-11fx Fluorometer)
  • Closed-tube non-contact focussed acoustic shearing of DNA, cells and tissues (Covaris S2)
  • Real-time PCR – custom project service (Ailgent AriaMX)
  • Microarray scanner with analysis software for direct hands-on use (Axon GenePix 4000B)
  • Molecular Biology techniques training course with a nationwide reputation for excellence
  • Specialist Next-generation sequencing workshops, seminars and user group forums.