Specialist services

Custom built scientific equipment, experimental apparatus and teaching aids;

  • Animal enclosures, stereotactic frames and heating solutions
  • Mechanical fixtures and frames for mounting equipment and holding samples
  • Custom equipment enclosures, EM shields, guards, barriers and covers
  • Reaction cell, vacuum chambers, fluid tanks, pressure vessels etc.
  • Custom microscope stages, holders and piezoelectric motion control
  • Body worn, battery portable, wireless sensors and mounts
  • Balances, shakers, stirrers, turntables and centrifuges
  • Drying cabinets, glove boxes, heating blocks, hotplates and incubators
  • Specialised equipment trolleys, tables, trays and stands
  • Environmental aspirators and dispensers
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic flow control systems
  • Environmental control and monitoring systems
  • Visible and non-visible light stimulus and monitoring systems
  • Precision motion and positioning systems
  • Technical drawings, schematics, 3D models, simulations etc.

Precision machining and measurement services;

  • Precision CNC machining from metals, plastics and specialised materials
  • Preparation and turning of tensile samples to ASTM E8M
  • Precision measurement and reporting using CMM
  • Cutting and surfacing of 3D print build plates

Equipment modification, service and repair;

  • Safety guarding and safety interlocking of equipment and systems
  • Modification of equipment to meet specialised research needs
  • Compliance evaluation and conversion solutions for imported equipment
  • Electrical test and tag of sensitive or critical equipment
  • Lock-out and isolation of critical equipment for servicing
  • Service and repair of unsupported, out of warranty, or obsolete equipment

Traditional fabrication services;

  • Sheet metal fabrication, woodworking, welding etc.
  • Cutting, drilling, turning, folding, tapping etc.
  • TIG, MIG and oxyacetylene welding
  • Coil winding, silver soldering, brazing and guillotining

Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing our users with research capabilities at highest quality standards. Research Excellence through Quality practices is paramount and Monash Instrumentation Facility, under the guidance of Monash Technology Research platforms, have been accredited for ISO 9001:2015 Quality standards audited by SAI global.