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Feature: Monash's Future Meeting Room - free trials in June!

16 May 2018

Monash's Future Meeting Room is one of the first complete capabilities deployed in the Grid Innovation Hub's Future Control Room (FCR), in the New Horizons building, Clayton Campus. The Future Meeting Room is based on SAGE2, a new web-based collaboration system, funded by the National Science Foundation and developed by our colleagues at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the Laboratory for Advanced Visualization & Applications at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The heart of the Future Meeting Room is the ability to mirror any number of desktop or laptop screens, or application windows, in the room onto the ultra-wide, high-resolution display wall. Screen sharing can be done via software or a hybrid hardware/software mode where high refresh rate is needed (e.g. for video playback). SAGE2 enables all attendees in the meeting to contribute content to the wall, and to participate in the arrangement of the content, and for synchronisation with remote sites also using SAGE2. It is therefore easy to share any of the following with local and remote participants from any of the FCR workstations or any user laptop:

  • Logged in as a Monash user:
    • Monash site-licensed software (Microsoft, Adobe, ...)
    • Google Drive and Apps
    • Browsers
  • Custom software application windows or full-screen displays
  • Videos, images, PDF files
  • Sticky notes (a super easy way to annotate the wall display)
  • Video conferencing (Zoom)

Check out the video below of the SAGE2 system, and get in touch with the MIVP team to arrange your free trial meeting in June!

An overview of SAGE2, the system behind Monash's Future Meeting Room implementation in the Grid Innovation Hub's Future Control Room.
(n.b. the FCR display wall is not a touch screen so layout and arrangement is instead controlled from the workstations, laptops, or the FCR touch table.)

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