Adjunct Researchers / Students

Ms Valerie Sparks - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Dr Sarah Jane Pell - Adjunct Associate Professor

Ms Rashna Ram - PhD Student

Affiliated Staff

Ms Simone Heane - Executive Assistant, Monash eResearch Centre

CAVE2 Build Team 2013

Project Sponsor: Prof Paul Bonnington, Director, Monash e-Research Centre

Project Scientist: Dr David Barnes, Monash e-Research Centre, and Adjunct, Monash Faculty of IT

Project Manager: Troy Boulton, Monash e-Research Centre, and e-Solutions

Project Consultant: Nathan Bailey, Simplify Solutions

System Administrator: Dr Toan Nguyen, Monash e-Research Centre, and e-Solutions

Photographer: Philip Chan, Monash e-Research Centre

Onsite UIC EVL team: Dr Luc RenambotArthur Nishimoto

Offsite UIC EVL team: Prof Jason Leigh, Prof Maxine Brown, Prof Andrew Johnson, Dr Lance Long, Jonas Talandis, JD Pirtle, Alessandro Febretti

Onsite Monash student builders: Benjamin ChenElisha PilcerHieu PhamMichael HarmanOzge MertyurekKevin Tay

Onsite Mechdyne team: Daniel Vander VortMike Kikker

Offsite Mechdyne team: Jocelyn BoehmMatt Szymanski

We acknowledge and extend our sincere thanks to the many other Monash e-Solutions staff who contributed to the design and construction of the CAVE2, and to our partner vendors Dell and Mechdyne.