Our capabilities are borne of our facilities and expertise. Here are a few of our key capabilities with ideas about how they might benefit you.






Immersive visualisation of 3d & 4d point clouds, surfaces and volumes

Most data formats

Most data sizes

Dynamic data

Optimised for CAVE2

Exploration of your largest data sets

Enhanced qualitative comprehension

Collaborative data interpretation

Show stakeholders your outcomes


Collaborative VR platform


Supports desktop, mobile, VR, CAVE2

Suitable for student labs

Remote tele-immersive conferencing

Democratized interaction with data

Use anywhere

Integrate VR in teaching


Scientific, graphics, workflow and UI programming

Scientifically-literate programmers

Creative programmers

Use a team or individuals

Special expertise in imaging algorithms

Have your research ideas implemented in code and applications

Advance your image processing technique and workflow

Continue to access expertise as it stays at Monash

Get coding done without recruiting

Keep research systems experts off Faculty books


Digital meeting room

37 megapixel wall

Ultra graphics workstations - multiple room configurations

Share screens and windows across the wall

Stream 3d graphics or video to/from CAVE2

Save and restore sessions

Integrated VR, AR and touch table

Bring your device

Design your own physical and digital meeting space

Resume meetings right where you left off last time

Share any content with local and remote participants

Use VR and AR in meetings

Call on CAVE2 graphics power when needed


Photogrammetry and LiDAR (laser scan) processing

Ultra fast workstations with dedicated graphics hardware

Cloud-based clustering of compute for faster processing

Integrated web, VR and CAVE2 visualisation and analysis tools

Speed-up your spatial scan processing

Discover new ways of understanding and analysing spatial data

Integrate spatial data with GIS capabilities in Monash CAVE2


Large-scale comparative visualisation

Load and compare 10s to 100s of images in CAVE2

NIFTI, FITS, TIFF stacks supported

dMRI tractography supported

Data-focussed shaders supported

Application limited only by imagination: photos, microscope images, diagrams, simulation outputs, and more...

Play “spot the difference” with Big Data

Develop new hypotheses

Manually sort and rearrange your data

Automatically sort based on controlled variables, derived or computed metrics, etc.

Accelerate your image quality control

Resume study over multiple visits


High-precision motion capture and analysis

Real-time high frame-rate output


Skeletal tracking

Rigid object tracking (multi)

Study human movement

Get "inside" sports techniques

Rig and skin characters for games

Test spatial sensors