Monash CAVE2

The Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform's peak facility is the ultrascale Monash CAVE2TM - a 2D and 3D virtual reality environment that can be programmed to render large and complex datasets in unparalleled clarity. CAVE2 provides a world-leading capability for the display and interactive exploration of rich and large scientific and engineering datasets from sources as diverse as the Australian Synchrotron, unmanned aerial vehicles, the world's largest radiotelescopes, and the latest and greatest biomedical imaging systems.

CAVE2 also provides a compelling visual and aural environment for exploring the integration of art and science, for example rendering and interacting with generative systems, multi-dimensional fractals, synthetic landscapes and more.

Monash CAVE2 is a very flexible system and can be used as:
  • Viewfinder

    CAVE2 enables the immersive visualisation of very large images from sources including the Australian Synchrotron, electron microscopes and medical imaging instruments. All 2D, 3D and 4D images are easily examined in the CAVE2.

  • Virtual fieldwork space

    CAVE2 enables the interactive exploration and characterisation of mapped or imaged environments, such as mines, farms and archaeological sites. Meshes computed via photogrammetry and LIDAR point clouds – even those approaching one billion points in number – are simple to study in the CAVE2.

  • Virtual retail environment

    CAVE2 enables the simulation and assessment of retail spaces and shelving, as well as real-time integration of inventory level information.

  • Decision theatre

    CAVE2 enables the collaborative, surround review of design models, building plans, architectural spaces, and more. Three dimensional models, rendered fly-throughs, and Building Information Models can be loaded and displayed in CAVE2.

Important numbers
  • 84 million pixel stereoscopic curved display cylinder with 9:1 aspect ratio
  • 22.2 channel surround audio
  • Motion capture and tracking
  • Realtime compute cluster with 100 Tflops, 4TB RAM, 240GB GPU memory