MIVP hosts tours of the Monash CAVE2, and research demonstrations of its broader facilities including the Monash CAVE2, the Future Control Room and the Glasshouse. Tours are oriented towards showcasing the Monash CAVE2 to representatives from internal Monash service divisions, delegates from industry and/or government, or other high-profile visitors to Monash. A CAVE2 tour must be booked in advance if you are hosting visitors to Monash and would like them to experience the CAVE2.

The price of CAVE2 tours reflects the staff and facility time required for tours. The introduction of standard hours for tours (Tuesday 10:00am-1:00pm and Thursday 1:00pm-4:00pm) reflects the need to preserve contiguous CAVE2 time for research and industry engagement. The introduction of the late booking surcharge is purposed to encourage early bookings of the CAVE2.

Research demonstrations, as opposed to tours, are available to research individuals and teams, and comprise a short demonstration of one or more of the MIVP facilities followed by a discussion with one or more MIVP staff focusing on how we can support your research or industry engagement aspirations.

Research demonstrations are free of charge.