Grants Management

Researchers at Monash receive truly exceptional service from the Monash Research Office. Our strength lies in our ability to engage researchers with empathy, integrity and professionalism. We are there for researchers when they need answers or guidance, and we provide timely intelligence on funding opportunities. We understand that the role of research support is to ease administrative burdens, freeing researchers to seek more answers through ground breaking research. Our grant management experts are as excited by research and innovation as the researchers themselves are and we are constantly working on creative solutions to support our researchers in their endeavours and foster an environment that encourages excellence.

What we do:

  • act as the principal point of contact between grant applicants, grantees and funding agencies
  • provide guidance on writing and submitting grant applications
  • identify, attract and pursue funding opportunity both nationally and internationally
  • maximise funding opportunities by identifying and promoting them
  • supply application forms, guidelines, background documentation and support documentation
  • assist researchers in identifying eligibility for funding opportunities
  • advise on effective targeting and preparation of applications
  • review, compliance check, submit and record applications to funding bodies
  • provide advice on benchmarking and success
  • design and deliver practical, informative seminars and workshops to support researchers int eh grant writing process
  • seek new opportunities for research initiatives
  • support the grant process by:
    • accepting grants on behalf of the university
    • coordinating the development and signing of legal agreements with the Contracts Management Office (CMO) or Office of the General Council (OGC)
    • coordinating the preparation and submission of progress and final reports
    • liaising with Research and Revenue (R&R) Accounting Services and Hubs to create fund codes and ensuring we meet the financial obligations of funding agreements
    • facilitating compliance with international funder requirements, e.g. the National Institutes of Health (NIH) - FCOI for PHS

Please contact us for assistance with any of grant or contract management issue or query.