About Respectful Communities

Respectful Communities is made up of a group of passionate prevention and gender equality experts, including many current Monash students who are seeking to prevent gender-based violence in our community.

Our team was established in response to the national Respect. Now. Always. campaign. After the release of the Change the Course Report, Monash University recognised the need for ongoing work to prevent gender-based violence and created Respectful Communities.

What we do

Our aim is to bring gender-based violence to an end by empowering our Monash community to champion cultural change. Everyone needs to understand their role in eliminating gender-based violence. Through cultural change, we can positively shift our community’s view towards gender equality and the prevention of violence (particularly against women, children, and the LGBTIQ community).

Our principles and values

At Respectful Communities we’re committed to:

  1. implementing evidence-based, and best-practice methods, to prevent gender-based violence
  2. creating safe spaces for open dialogue and courageous conversation in our community
  3. fostering respectful relationships by collaborating with our community to provide peer-led workshops and initiatives
  4. modelling good behaviour by being inclusive, kind and empathetic to others.