Get educated

We've put together some useful tips and resources to help you recognise unacceptable behaviour, develop healthy relationships and treat others with respect.

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Let’s talk about sex

Learn about sex, consent, protection and contraception, and how to maintain good sexual health.

Respectful relationships

Check out our tips on having a healthy, respectful relationship and what you should look out for.

Preventing gender-based violence

Learn about the things that lead to gender-based violence and how we can prevent these problems in our community.

Don’t stand by – step up!

Watch our video on being an active bystander and learn about how you can intervene if you notice a concerning situation.

Learning about LGBTIQ

Learn more about sex, gender, sexuality, and the LGBTIQ community.

MSA Women's What You Should Know booklet

A comprehensive guide to safety at Monash developed by Respectful Communities and the MSA Women's Department.

What you should know (pdf, 0.86 mb)

Staying safe and dating online

Find out how to stay emotionally and physically safe when using online dating platforms.