Flip the Script

Did you know that one in five young women will experience sexual assault while at university? And one in three women over the age of 15 will experience physical violence from a partner, ex-partner, family member or someone known to them.

Let’s flip the script for women. In this evidence-based program, you’ll learn to trust yourself and overcome the social pressures to be “nice”. We’ll provide you with the skills, knowledge and tools you need to protect yourself against sexual assault and attacks on your sexual values.

Flip the Script, which was developed in Canada by Professor Charlene Senn at the University of Windsor, is currently the only program available that’s been evaluated in a clinical trial and shown to significantly reduce the incidence of rape and other forms of sexual assault. It’s one critical piece of our comprehensive strategy to prevent rape and other forms of sexual violence on our campuses.


This workshop is currently unavailable, but you’ll be able to take part in this program once the current restrictions are removed.