Anti-Racism Training

Developed in partnership with Monash Student Association, our anti-racism training is a peer-led interactive session designed to help you turn talk into action and enhance the impact of your anti-racist advocacy.

We developed this training to suit a range of knowledge levels and experiences with the aim to enhance your literacy and understanding of race-related issues that impact many of us in different facets of our lives.

By the end of this session, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to improve the safety and support for people of colour in your networks and the Monash community. Our goal is to build your confidence and capacity to work alongside people experiencing racism as an anti-racist ally.

The session will help you:

  • understand key concepts in the formation and manifestation of racism
  • develop your ability to critically analyse racist media, policy, views and behaviour
  • understand the importance of allyship
  • develop practical skills as an anti-racist ally.

Register for a pilot session

Training sessions will be available to all students in semester two.

If you identify as Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, or a person of colour, we’d like to get your feedback in the pilot sessions of this training!

Register now for a pilot session