Bystander Intervention Toolkit to Prevent Everyday Sexism

We understand it can be difficult to confront sexism when it occurs in our everyday life, so we’ve developed a bystander action seminar. Using evidence-based research, you'll build on your existing skills and learn how to intervene and support others who are experiencing sexist behaviour.

Research shows that when a third party steps in and becomes an active bystander, it helps to discourage the perpetrator and emotionally support the victim/survivor. By speaking up, you can contribute to a culture that condemns sexist behaviour.

This online session will focus on:

  • exploring common active bystander behaviours to challenge everyday sexism
  • unpacking your role in promoting a positive culture that contributes to the prevention of gender-based violence
  • overcoming potential barriers to bystander intervention and drawing on your enablers in any given situation
  • building your toolkit of intervention strategies to challenge everyday sexism.

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Audience: all students and staff
Duration: 30 minutes

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