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Thriving at Monash

Monash University is a great place to study and a great place to live. In order thrive at Uni though, you need to keep on top of a whole lot of things! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with your studies are key. Don't forget the main reason you are here: to get your Monash degree!

Hi, its Hannah (for the last time)! Now you have settled in there are some final steps you want to pay attention to to ensure you thrive at Res. These are:

  • Study
  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Maintaining your mental health
  • Just Ask! – Support Services on Campus
  • MRS – your place to influence
  • Getting involved and helping others!
  • English Connect
  • Student Associations and support


It can be easy to forget the main reason you are having so much fun living in Res is because you are here to study (especially during Orientation) so here in the words of one of our residents, Wilson

“Studying at University is different from school, and studying in a new country is even more different. It’s important that you get an top of your studies early and go to your classes (obvious I know ); ask questions; find friends who are studying the same course; keep going to classes (even more obvious); and don’t  let it get ‘out of control.'"

Visit Study to learn more.

Remember planning requires knowing when things are going to happen so here are the semester dates for the academic year

Healthy Lifestyle

So you have moved out of home and it’s time to fend for yourself. Initially it is hard to comprehend how you are going to survive – not only do you have to wash all your own clothes and make your own bed, but you also have to cook for yourself as well. Sometimes it's easy to start bad habits like eating take away food too often. However it is really important to keep eating healthily. We have more information at Healthy Lifestyle.

Healthy Mind

Moving to university can be a big deal – it can be an emotional roller-coaster. Whilst many people experience the best times of their lives at University, for others it can be a really challenging time – wanting independence, trying to fit in, new relationships, working things out with family and friends, and just coping with the day-to-day highs and lows.

There are some great resources online to help you keep a healthy frame of mind – Check out the Monash Counselling and coping skills resource.

The Head to Health website is a new resource created by the Australian Government, which aims to help people find the right mental health resources. This fantastic website aims to be Australia’s digital mental health gateway, providing information on different types of mental health resources as well as giving an overview of mental health difficulties, advice on how to live a meaningful life, how to support yourself and supporting someone else. This website is a great place to go if you’re not sure where to start!

MRS is committed to fostering an environment of strong mental health through resilience, support and education programs and every staff member and RA at MRS is trained in Mental Health First Aid, and we actively promote the importance of mental health to all our residents. To find out more visit Healthy Mind.

The University has also released a new online unit, Changing Minds, to help students deepen their understanding of common mental health issues and how they can support their peers. Head on to to find out more.

Just Ask!

Everyone experiences moments of vulnerability, but this will drive us to grow and learn.  There are a range of services, initiatives and programs available to you which can help you to navigate the challenges of living on campus. All you have to do is ask!

Support Services at Monash

Monash University is a fantastic place to study and also a fantastic community to be part of. If you maybe haven’t yet thought about the brilliant services which are available to students, here are some starting points:

Counselling and Mental Health Programs

Financial Assistance

Medical and Health Services


Disability Support Services (for students with a long or short term disability)

Monash also has a website dedicated to helping you Adjust to University Life as well as this page with links to all the Student Life and Support Services

A new Eat, Drink, Shop website has launched by the University to help students and staff navigate a whole host of amazing retailers across all campuses in Victoria. Enjoy!!!

MRS – Your Place to Influence

There are countless opportunities available to residents to serve, lead and influence the broader residential community. The impact of our residents’ actions continue to strengthen and build the residential community.
There is always a huge amount going on at MRS (just have a look here!). There will be social, cultural and sporting activities  organised by your Residential Support Team, ‘Hall Society or Social committee’ and of course, the MRS wide ‘Residents Committee.’

The MRS Residents’ Committee, or informally ResComm, is an entirely volunteer team that aims to encourage community spirit by co-ordinating inter-hall events and initiatives. ResComm is comprised of representatives from every MRS site and every Australian Monash campus.

Together, ResComm strives to value and celebrate the diversity of more than 3,000 MRS residents in all the events and initiatives. As a “for Student, by Student” body, ResComm is the student voice for students living on campus.

ResComm is responsible for some of the largest and exciting events across all MRS sites – including the ResComm Residents’ Ball, ResFest and our ResComm Winterfest event.

These events are core to the ultimate aim of ResComm, to bring residents from all backgrounds together and to make a tangible difference in the experience of living on campus at Monash.

Be sure to get in touch with your halls ResComm Representatives, check out  “Monash ResComm” on facebook and keep an eye out for the logo. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas – the team would love to hear from you at

Diversity and Inclusion

We have a number of programs internally to ensure that every member of our community has an inspiring and full experience. This includes the following:

  • Academic and Leadership Dinners – exploring themes as diverse as the courage to succeed, entrepreneurialism, and women in leadership, these dinners are for a select group of students and staff in our residential community. Boasting some of the best speakers nationally and internationally, these are special events to inspire and connect our residents on issues and people that matter.
  • Indigenous Leadership Program – for students that are the recipients of Indigenous Residential Leadership Pathway Scholarship, this is an eight month leadership training that combines learning, community action projects and a dedicated mentor to empower our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students living on campus to lead the community at large
  • MRS LGBTIQ Network – launched in 2016, this is a safe space for same sex attracted and gender diverse students (as well as their allies) to come together and connect on common experiences
  • MRS Postgraduate Network – this forum exists to support, connect and facilitate meaningful experience for postgraduate students living on campus
  • Monash College Network – similar to the above networks, this is a dedicated space for residents that are studying at Monash College who have a different schedule and needs

In 2016 MRS launched an innovative series of Community Conversations, which is now well embedded into the practice of the organisation. These spaces are opportunities for student leaders and other passionate residents in our community to provide feedback and input into how we can continue to strengthen living on campus. Exploring key topics such as responsible consumption of alcohol, interpersonal relationships, cultural diversity, disability, niche communities and MRS social program – these conversations bring staff and students together to brainstorm and develop how we can keep aiming higher…!

All of these initiatives are grounded in the MRS wide Diversity and Inclusion Plan, that staff also have a key role in fulfilling. Diversity and Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility

Getting Involved and Helping Others

Why not take some time for your own growth – and also to help others! It is sometimes hard to get opportunities for leadership in your first year at University – but Monash has a focus on creating opportunities for all students in all stages of their degrees… introducing Volunteering at Monash.

Volunteering at Monash is a brand-new website providing all Monash students with a fresh and easy way to access thousands of volunteering roles. You’ll have access to endless opportunities on the national volunteering database, and roles listed exclusively for Monash students to get involved on and off campus.

So why volunteer?

  • Connect with the people around you, make new friends, and understand other points of view
  • Create new skills: learn to communicate, lead, manage projects, and improve your employability
  • Change your community and make a real impact by contributing your enthusiasm and time to those who need it most

Using Volunteering at Monash is simple: just create your profile, tell us what you’re interested in, and you’ll receive personalised recommendations allowing you to get in touch with volunteering organisations – from home, uni, mobile and tablet.

Register now:

English Connect

If you want to further develop your English language skills, the University offers a range of Conversational English Programs. They are a fun, free way to meet and talk with other students, ask questions and share a learning experience. There are two types of programs:

  • Let’s Chat – weekly, one hour sessions to practice common conversations
  • Peer Support – 1:1 academic support for individuals that need assistance with spoken or written work

There is no assessment, exams, lectures, or books – just interactive programs delivered by specially trained students. There’s no need to bring pen or paper, just a willingness to learn through participation.
To find out more, including registration details:

Student Associations and Support

One of the great aspects of living on campus is the proximity to the many support services provided by the University and also the campus Student Associations. Residents are strongly encourages to get involved in on-campus activities – and in a University with the advantage of being as large and diverse as Monash, you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Sexuality and Gender Diversity

Lets hear from Marty and Amy, the MSA Queer Officers:

“University is about learning, both inside and out of the classroom: learning about yourself, others and the world around you. We at the MSA Queer Department provide spaces and opportunities for these experiences, with our autonomous Queer Lounge and many department run events and discussions.

Our lounge is available to all who identify as queer, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, trans, intersex, genderqueer, and non binary identifying staff and students. The lounge is also open to those who are questioning their sexual or gender identity and many of our events outside of it are open to allies.

Learning about your individual identity during a time such at university can be exciting but also stressful or frightening, we are here to be the people to help out with any problems or queries as well as providing an entertaining and inclusive community. If you would like to get involved or see what we’re about contact Amy or Marty online or in person in the office.”

Further information on Sexuality and Gender Diversity, or the Sexuality and Lifestyle Officers at Caulfield, click the links.

Trans 101 – Gender Diversity Crash Course

Trans 101 is a starter pack designed to help and support trans people. Created by Ygender and Minus 18, this resource includes videos and a booklet full of information, and we strongly encourage all our residents to explore this website so that we can continue to create supportive and inclusive residential communities for all students! Find it through this link.

Women’s Office

The Women’s Department is a resource for all students who identify as or with women to use and enjoy with the aim being to support them as they navigate university life.

A key element of the department is the Women’s room, an autonomous safe space that is located upstairs in the Campus Centre that includes a variety of resources including information for health services including sexual health, as well as pads, tampons and safer sex supplies. Also available are books regarding women that can be perused and borrowed. This room is also where many of our events are held, but can be a great place to come sit and perhaps meet new people or strike up a discussion.

We organise events and activities throughout the year including, Women’s week, weekly discussion groups, Rad Sex and Consent week, Blue Stockings week, the Twilight Market, NOWSA as well as many others. Beyond running our own university campaigns, we also contribute to campaigns that support women.

We hope to be as supportive as possible, helping out with any problems or queries as well as fostering a strong community. If you would like to get involved, require more information, or would like to ask some questions, please get in touch with the Women’s officers online or in person.

International Students

The Monash University International Students Service (MUISS) is a division of the Monash Student Association (MSA) that advocates the interests, rights and welfare of all undergraduate international students enrolled at Monash University, Clayton campus.

MUISS aims to empower international students and help them develop skills that will help them throughout their journey in university and in the future.

Every year MUISS tailors fun events and educational activities so that this aim is met. We are a support network in every sense and believe it is essential that international students succeed in their studies while enjoying themselves and making friends that would last a lifetime.

The organisation is run by seven elected students, and has a general committee, comprising of up to 20 appointed members who work towards achieving the overall goal of MUISS. It is divided into the following six portfolios: General Secretary, Treasurer, Services and Welfare, Education, Activities, and Publications. MUISS is staffed by a part-time Divisional Support Officer who helps in facilitating MUISS operations.

Some of the activities MUISS planned in 2015 include a welcome dinner to take place during O’week, it’s famous free breakfast running every week of semester, informative Permanent Residency Seminars, BBQs, careers and leadership programs, public speaking programs, the MUISS Olympics, International Student Week and much more!! We hope to continue and expand on these events in 2016!

MUISS provides a comfortable lounge on the first level of Campus Centre for students to relax, engage with each other and meet new people. This is right next to Sir John’s bar. Come by and say hello, we are a friendly bunch packed with information that can help you make the most of your experience in a new Country and at Monash University.