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2021 - Discounted textbooks

ACC2100Company Accounting 11ed Hybrid (Text & eBook)Leo K et al$119.95$113.95
BFC2140Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 3edBerk J et al$147.95$133.16
ACC2200/ACC3200Management Accounting 8edLangfield Smith K et al$159.95$135.96
BIO1011Biology : How Life Works 2ed (Students on BIO1011 will receive a free e-copy in class as part of their course)Morris J & Hartl D & Knoll A & Lue R$175.95$158.36
BCH2011/BMS1011/BMS2021/NUT1101/NUT3008Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 7ed International EditionNelson D et al$197.95$168.26
CHM1011/CHM1051/MCD4390/MCD4400Chemistry 4ed Hybrid (includes Textbook & ebook)Blackman A et al$159.95$151.95
BMS1011Introduction to Organic Chemistry 6ed (Binder Ready Version)Brown W$173.95$160.9
ATS1421Criminology 3edNewburn T$72.25$84.99
ATS3004Understanding the Risk Society : Crime Security & JusticeMythen G$74.95$69.86
MCD6020Media Culture & Society : An Introduction 2edHodkinson P$74$62.9
EDF4100Research for Educators 2edKervin L et al$97.95$93.05
Science Education for Australian Students : Teaching Science From Foundation to Year 12Fitzgerald A et al$59.99$55.49
EDF5837Teaching : Making a Difference 4ed Hybrid ( Text & eBook )Churchill R et al$154.95$139.46
ETC1000Business Analytics 3edCamm J et al$149.95$134.96
ETC2410/ETC3410/ETC5341Introductory Econometrics : A Modern Approach 7edWooldridge J$169.95$157.22
ECC1000/MCD2020Principles of Microeconomics 3edMateer D & Coppock L$149.95$134.96
APG5426/ATS3546Environmental Impact Assessment in Australia : Theory & Practice 6edElliott M$59.99$64.95
ATS1141/ATS2141Genki 1 : Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Revised Text 3edBanno E et al$84.96$99.95
ATS1141/ATS2141Genki 1 Workbook 3edBanno et al$47.95$40.76
ATS1338For the Love of Language : An Introduction to Linguistics 2edBurridge K & Stebbins T$114.95$109.2
LAW2112/LAW3402/LAW5006/LAW5018Australian Real Property Law 7edMoore A et al$165$148.5
LAW4323Australian Uniform Evidence LawHum F$144.95$130.46
BTC1110Concise Australian Commercial Law 6edTurner C et al$126$113.4
LAW4331/LAW5014Control of Government Action 5edCreyke et al$134.1$149
LAW3111/LAW4170/LAW5008/LAW5010Equity & Trusts in Australia 2edBryan M et al$116.96$129.95
LAW2111/LAW5007Federal Constitutional Law : A Contemporary View 5edJoseph S & Castan M$155$139.5
LAW4322/LAW4704/LAW5350Foundations of Taxation Law 13ed 2021Barkoczy S $150.00 $138.75
LAW3111/LAW4170/LAW5008/LAW5010Sourcebook on Equity & Trusts in Australia 2edBryan M$124.95$112.46
LAW1113/LAW4301/LAW5003Torts Cases & Commentary 8edLuntz H et al$177.00$159.30
BTC2000/LAW3112/LAW5011Understanding Company Law 20edLipton P et al$140.00$126.00
LAW2101/LAW2102/LAW5002/LAW5005Value Pack : Contract Cases Materials 14e & Principles of Contract Law 6edPaterson et al$290.00$261.00
LAW1114/LAW4332/LAW5001Waller & Williams Criminal Law Text & Cases 14edCrofts et al$162.00$145.80
SCI1020Basic Practice of Statistics 8ed International EditionMoore D & Notz W & Fligner M$180.95$162.86
MTH1010/MCD2130Calculus 1 With Precalculus : A One Year Course 3edLarson R et al$219.95$197.96
MTH1020Calculus : Early Transcendentals 9ed Metric EditionStewart J et al$154.95$139.46
Clinical Examination 8ed (2 Volume Set)Talley N & OConnor S$169.95$144.46
Clinically Oriented Anatomy 8edMoore K et al$131.00$117.90
Human Anatomy & Physiology 11ed Global Edition + A Brief Atlas of the Human BodyMarieb E et al$159.95$147.95
BMS2031/PHY2011/PHY3171/PHY3181Vanders Human Physiology : the Mechanism of Body Function 15ed + Connect OnlineWidmaier E et al$159.95$135.96
IMM2011Basic Immunology : Functions & Disorders of the Immune System 6edAbbas A et al$105.95$98.02
MGC2430Human Resource Management 10edNankervis A et al$169.95$152.96
PHS1011/MCD4160Physics for Scientists & Engineers : A Stategic Approach with Modern Physics 4ed Global EditionKnight R$146.95$135.90
ATS1353Comparative Government & Politics : An Introduction 11edHague R. et al$91.95$82.76
ATS1873Introduction to International Relations 3edDevetak R et al (eds)$83.95$75.56
ATS3340Security Studies - An IntroductionWilliams P$83.99$75.59
PSY2061Biopsychology 10ed Global EditionPinel J et al$128.95$116.06
PSY2071Human Development : A Cultural Approach 1ed ANZ EditionArnett J. et al$149.95$138.70
PSY3041Psychological Testing and Assessment 3edShum D et al$110.95$102.63