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John Monash Science School

Holiday trading hours - Closed from the 20th Dec 2019 until 2nd Jan 2020

2020 Booklist  Instructions – Parents and Students

Please follow and keep these instructions:


Monash Book and Merchandise Store
Campus centre, Ground floor,
21 Chancellors Walk, Monash University
Clayton, Victoria 3800


Phone: 03 9905 3111
Bookstore hours: Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm

  1. Books will be available for purchase at the Monash Book and Merchandise Store (Clayton campus) after Wednesday 20th November 2019
  2. Monash Book and Merchandise Staff will process your request while you are in the store. You should be able to take textbooks home immediately. Some new editions and new publications may not be available until February.
  3. Prices and publication dates are subject to change without notice.
  4. Payment Options are: a) Credit Card (instore and online) b) Money Order or Cheque c) Cash Payment at the Bookstore
  5. The Monash University Clayton Book and Merchandise Store will close over the Holiday period on Friday 20th of December 2019 and re-open on Thursday 2nd of January 2020.
  6. NOTE: Due to security improvements in the way credit cards are handled, the bookshop can no longer handle credit card orders via pre-ordered forms as in previous years.