Brainstorming: Mind mapping

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Brainstorming: Mind mapping

Why mind map?

One effective form of brainstorming is mind mapping. A mind map is a visual representation of your ideas, consisting of words, images and colours, and can help you to:

  • focus on your research topic/question
  • structure and plan your assignment
  • combine one or more types of major thought relationships
  • identify relationships between ideas/concepts.

Stage 1

You can create a mind map on paper, whiteboard or digitally, using visual mapping software such as FreeMind. To begin:

  • write your topic in the centre of a blank page
  • associate your ideas freely anywhere on the page and do not filter out ideas.

Stage 2

When you have run out of ideas:

  • consider each item and determine how this point is related to other points and to your topic
  • map relationships with lines, arrows, colours, images and bold type.

Stage 3

Use the relationships you have identified to reorganise your ideas.