New Study Patterns

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New study patterns

  • Lectures and tutorials take up part of the day. You must plan your own long and short term timetables.
  • For every one-hour lecture or tutorial about two hours of private study will be necessary.
  • Assignments tend to be long and not frequent. They are usually set many weeks ahead.
  • Wide reading is essential. You may be given a reading list, but you should read other sources as well.
  • Lecture groups may be large. It is up to you to approach your lecturer or tutor if you are having difficulties.
  • You will have to identify and make notes on the main points in lectures and texts.
  • You must acknowledge all your sources. To avoid plagiarism, you will need to learn referencing skills.
  • You are expected to develop independent thinking by:
    • memorising information,
    • asking questions,
    • examining evidence, and
    • thinking critically.