Planning your assignment

Planning your assignment

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Planning your assignment

Analyse the topic:

What is is asking?
What is the purpose of the task?


What do I already know?
What have I read?
What ideas/questions do I want to research?
Who are the key authors on my topic?

Plan your time:

Work back from the due date to plan time for research, drafts, editing. Take time to account for other work due

Construct a rough plan:

What are my main points?
What other ideas are worth including?

Preliminary research:

Revise lecture notes, main text books

Revise your plan

Begin researching:

Keep your topic in mind
Focus your research on relevant journal articles and texts
Record your findings

Revise your plan:

Consider the relationships between ideas
Select key points

Start writing:

Keep your topic in mind

Make several drafts then edit/proof read final draft:

Follow formatting requirements
Check for grammar, coherence, flow